Agenda For Humanity

Services:  Animation Branding Art direction I Infographics

Client: UN OCHA  Year: 2016   

In 2015, the international community showed that it is possible to come together and tackle global challenges such as poverty and climate change to create a better world for future generations.

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Agenda for Humanity calls on global leaders to commit to five core responsibilities in the name of our shared existence. (This sentence needs a subtle intro, e.g. “As part of this, …”. Needs clarification, further info)

We were asked to create a brand guideline demonstrating how the five responsibilities would appear across different applications. To facilitate communication about the responsibilities, we designed a comprehensive identity for each.

Every responsibility was given a unique, colourful icon, and we created an official master logo for the whole initiative. The logotype for the entire campaign incorporates the five colours of the individual icons into a pentagon. Throughout, we used bold typography and bright colours to express optimism and resilience.