Lanna Valley

Services: Branding I Webdesign I Packaging

Client: Urmatt    Year: 2019    Status: Offline

Urmatt Group is a Thai company that highlights the scalable and economic advantages of fair trade and organic agriculture for farmers. By using a contract farming platform to employ smallholder farmers, Urmatt produces a sizeable range of products that improve the environment and take care of producers and consumers alike. 

In 2019, KUOZ collaborated with Urmatt to conceptualise and design the product packaging for Lanna Valley, a 100% organic rice brand.

Our main challenge was to develop a packaging design that embodies Urmatt's sustainable and 'locally-sourced' ethos. We agreed that the packaging should primarily communicate the source of origin and the product's refined quality.

To emphasise the theme of local trade, we designed a series of graphic elements that recall traditional fabric patterns from northern Thailand and used them as background visuals to identify each asset. The typographic hierarchy expresses transparency and simplicity, aligned with the core of Lanna Valley's brand identity.

The result is a product range with a bold and recognisable personality, unmissable in the supermarket aisle.