KUOZ, also referred as Kreative Ünion Of Zebrazka, is a diligent group of creative bureaucrats based in Bangkok.
We are currently designated by our glorious country, Zebrazka, to share with you our folklore, achievements and some corporate logos.
We like the strictness of great fonts and we enjoy the boldness of simplicity.

We work with our hands as much as with the machines, and we keep good relations with other local colleagues.
This is the essence of who we are.

 We take care of every single step of the design process and we always work closely with our peers, big or small, in close diplomatic relationships:

UN Woman, UN ESCAP, UN OCHA, World Bank, French Embassy in Bangkok, Spanish Embassy in Bangkok,
Alliance Française of Manchester, Goethe Institut in Wellington NZ, Yellow Pages France, International Federation of Red Cross,
Khaosod English…

Please feel free to contact us Here!